Eira do Serrado / Monte

We invite you to visit the bowels of this island , amidst stunning hills and valleys of great atraccção landscape . Start at Pico dos Barcelos ( 355 m), ascent to the Eira do Serrado ( 1094 m ) with view over the Nun's Valley . After Monte (Local History / Religious ) . Visit to the Church of N. S. Monte, patroness of the island. Possibility of decline in famous cars baskets (not included in price). Visit to an embroidery house with the possibility of wine tasting .



Days: Monday / Thursday

Price: 24.00€

Note: Afternoon

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Pico dos Barcelos - Eira do Serrado  -  Monte




  1. Pico dos Barcelos S
  2. Eira do serrado
  3. Monte