It is a safe and fun activity mountain, consisting of the decline in waterways in full communion with nature, transposing vertical obstacles progression through various techniques. The techniques used for the implementation of these amphibians obstacles, ranging from pedestrian movement within the irregular riverbeds through swimming in natural pools of clear water, and can even make jumps fun and slides. Of course, the highlight is the use of techniques maneuvers rope for rappelling descent fantastic paradisiacal waterfalls.

It includes:

Specialized tracking (minimum 2);
approved technical equipment to carry out the activity: clothing, socks and neoprene gloves, helmet, harness, carabiners, distant and down, vest
All technical equipment used is subject to regular safety inspections;
The entire garment material, after use, is subjected to a disinfection treatment.
providing food and hydration during and after the activity;
Photos of the activity;
Personal accident insurance;
Security protocols

levels of difficulty and duration:

Initiation - 3 hours / noon;
Half - half day / full day;
Experienced - Full day.



  1. Funchal